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  ChemForm is an environmental reporting software product designed to facilitate the completion of the Tier Two Report as required under Section 312 of the Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986.
    ChemForm addresses the special needs of the owners or operators of oil and gas exploration facilities whose chemical reporting requirements are complicated by multiple facilities.
    For example, E&P operators can have multiple leases throughout the country and countless pieces of equipment on the leases. They employ many contractors who use a wide variety of chemicals at production sites for short periods of time.
     Helps to ensure compliance.  
     Allows you to manage your facility data. Enter one time and easily update throughout the year.  
     ChemForm provides everything you need to submit your Tier Two reports.  
     Compliance with each state's filing requirements.  
     Eagle Software monitors state and federal requirements for the SARA filing throughout the year. You do not need to worry about what prints where and who gets what.  
     ChemForm is Tier Two Submit compatible. Manage your facility data in ChemForm, which is designed for the oil and gas operator; then, automatically generate the Tier Two Submit electronic file from ChemForm.  
     Manage multiple companies each with their own facilties. Easily move facilities between companies.  
     Assign chemicals to your facilities from convenient selection list. ChemForm's chemical database and its attributes are derived from the American Petroleum Institute's Generic List of Hazardous Chemical Categories.  
     Does your MSDS sheet reference chemicals by specific name? ChemForm's category list provides you with a cross reference by chemical name.  
     Customize your own chemical selection list for even greater flexibility. Build a chemical selection list with only the chemicals you report.  
     Add and edit emergency and alternate contacts in one data entry grid and select contacts for all your facilities from one convenient selection list.  

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