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EPA Issues Significant Changes to SARA Reporting Effective with 2013 Annual

EPA has done some major revisions as it pertains to the SARA effective with the 2013 reporting year.

Below is more information as it pertains to these changes:

The biggest changes that will affect information gathering is chemical information. The inventory codes have been narrowed significantly – whereas previously one code reported a volume range of 10,000 lbs to 99,000 lbs, there are now have five codes reporting that same volume range.

Pure chemicals now require  CAS# and generic chemical categories are no longer being accepted – Produced Hydrocarbons (Generic Category) should now be reported as either Crude Oil or Natural Gas Condensate with the applicable CAS# to each product.


  Tier Two Submit Compatible
        ChemForm 2000 offers you the convenience of generating an electronic file that is Tier Two Submit compatible. Important! You do not need to reenter data in EPA's Tier Two Submit to comply with a state's requirement that you submit via Tier Two Submit.

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Last modified 1/2/2014
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