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Eagle Software, Inc.
  Since 1989 Eagle Software has been developing software products designed to help ease the burden of regulatory and environmental reporting for the oil and gas industry.
    Located in Austin and Houston, Eagle has situated itself as a leader in monitoring state and federal changes in regulations, forms, and reporting requirements and in responding to develop software solutions that meet these changes.
  ChemForm is an environmental reporting software product  designed to facilitate the completion of the Tier Two Report as required under Section 312 of the Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986.
    ChemForm addresses the special needs of the owners or operators of oil and gas exploration facilities whose chemical reporting requirements are complicated by multiple facilities.
   Whether you are new to ChemForm or a licensed user, we hope this website helps you understand what SARA Title III is and what it means to the oil and gas operator.
  Electronic Submission  
ChemForm automatically generates an electronic file that is Tier Two Submit compatible. Unlike Tier Two Submit, ChemForm is designed to specifically address the needs of the oil and gas operator. This electronic file that is generated in ChemForm can be used to submit to any state requiring T2S electronic submission!
Other Eagle Software products
  Eagle Software also builds software applications for regulatory, production, and severance tax reporting for the oil and gas operator. Visit our web site  
Eagle Software provides a complete turnkey solution to completing your Tier Two Report.
  We have been helping oil and gas operators for over 20 years with their SARA filings.
  Call us to discuss yours!


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